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Dr. Maria Montessori
The child can only develop full by means of experience in his or her environment.

- Dr. Maria Montessori


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  • Parent Enrichment

    Each year we provide parents with educational seminars and workshops. The exact dates for these will be posted.

    • Some seminars are devoted to understanding Montessori Philosophy and your child's classroom experience, while others focus on practical parenting skills to enhance your parenting experience and troubleshoot some of your frustrations.
    • Your classroom observations and visits will provide you with further insights.
    • Parent Discussion Groups and workshops provide information and support as well. Check the calendar for scheduled dates.

    Family Activities

    Family activities are encouraged.  A variety of events are planned each year for parents. In addition to seminars and discussion groups, picnics, parties, open houses, and other social events will be offered throughout the school year.  Each Spring we celebrate our Kindergarten graduation with a family night at Pirates’ Cove; a child sized amusement park operated by Elk Grove Park District.  The Valentine Ball, a winter dance, has been a BGMS tradition for many years.  Alumni return to join the party year after year. Your participation in these events will enrich your experience at Buffalo Grove Montessori School.