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    At Buffalo Grove Montessori School, our goal is to help your child cultivate the natural desire to learn. Our emphasis is on self-learning and the development of inner discipline. Our staff is prepared to interest your child and meet your child’s ever-changing developmental needs.

    Buffalo Grove Montessori School is a community of educators and parents who share values, goals, methods and philosophies regarding child development and care. We adhere to Maria Montessori’s philosophy of “education for life.”

    Located in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, Buffalo Grove Montessori School has been enrolling students for over 40 years, offering programs for infants through kindergarten. We are accredited by the American Montessori Society (AMS).

    • Our experience at BGMS has been exceptional! Our son started at 2 yrs old and our daughter at 4 months. The teachers are like family to us! As a working mom they days apart can be long and stressful. The staff at BGMS has always taken the time to call me to update me on the kids’ day, reach out if there are any issues, provide positive encouragement and a safe place for our children to thrive. Both socially and academically, I feel BGMS has prepared our children for success. I would recommend BGMS to my closest friends and family.

      Kristi & Beau
    • Our daughter went to BGMS in the early 90’s and had a great experience. The Montessori learning method at this school exceeded our expectations. We were in the neighborhood this week and stopped in to say hi. To our amazement our daughter’s teacher and many other teachers were still there. The positive memories of BGMS that our family has will last a lifetime.

    • My son started here at 6 months. As a parent, you never want to leave your child. We’ve been going here for 20 months now. I’ve watched him learn and grow. He’s a very happy little boy. I credit a lot of this to Buffalo Grove Montessori. Every kid seems happy and smiling. They run up and say Hi to my son when he arrives. The teachers are usually on the ground with the kids reading books. They have different areas for them to learn. We have a parent-teacher conference every six weeks. They have optional outings about once a month for you to meet other parents. We are looking forward to the Valentine’s Day Dance.

      This is a Montessori school. This means your child will be doing “work” which is really guided learning. They will focus on real-world tasks. Like brushing their teeth. They are currently teaching my son how to put on his shoes. This is different from other day cares.

    • BGMS instilled a love of earning in my child. She is now 15 and a Querbes Scholar at St. Viator where she is taking all AP and Honors classes as a freshman. The fantastic teachers at BGMS taught the kids to link their learning – so when the read a story, they could look up the place from that story on a map and even talk about what was happening in history at the time and she still does that. 🙂 Thank you, BGMS!

    • My son loves it and looks forward to going everyday. He even asks me to pick him up later so he can enjoy the outside playground. The teachers are wonderful and our family loves the Montessori approach to learning.

    • There is no other place I would send my children! My oldest will often tell me to come back later when it’s time to go home. The program and teachers are one of a kind.

    • Thank you for the love of music shared in school! Stefan is a 2008 graduate and he still remembers the music circle.

    • The BEST pre-school and kindergarten if you want your children to be ready for grade school and, more importantly, to be life-long learners. Whether or not you are new at parenting, the educators at Buffalo Grove Montessori School provide invaluable parent mentorship. We are so grateful that our children attended BGMS.

      Lisa O. G.
    • We were fortunate enough to find BGMS and sent our two daughters there for 3 years. It was a great place for our daughters and we would have never left except we moved to a different suburb. Our teachers were excellent and they have fun family outings like the Valentines Day dance. We miss BGMS but we will always be part of the family and recommend them for any parents looking for daycare options in the area.

      Jason M
  • Children Learn Through Discovery

    Montessori education is not only a philosophy, but also a method to guide the child’s growth.

    Experiences at a Montessori school foster academic success and the fulfillment of your child’s highest potential. Independence, concentration, and joyful learning are valued. We facilitate, encourage, and empower the children.

    • Programs

      – Programs for Infants, Toddlers, Twos, 3-6 year-olds
      – Full Day Kindergarten
      – Classes year-round

    • Admission

      Buffalo Grove Montessori School welcomes students of all cultures.

    • Calendar

      View our calendar and monthly school lunch calendars. Nutritious lunches are provided!

    • Living Montessori

      The Parent Perspective (Video) – Parents tell you, in their own words, what makes Montessori education special.

    Our Classes

    Our program has five classes by age and a Montessori Preschool
    • Infants/Toddlers
      Full Day Programs
      • Infants
        6 weeks & up
      • Toddlers
        15-30 mos.
    • Twos
      Full Day Program
      • Years old
    • Early Childhood
      Full & Half Day Program
      • Years old
    • Kindergarten
      Full & Half Day Program
      Included in Primary classes
      • Years old
  • Our staff consists of directors, teachers, childcare workers, and assistant teachers.

  • Our staff is dedicated to providing maximum adult consistency for the children in our care. We participate in meetings and seminars in order to renew interests and develop new abilities. Read about our staff! Better yet, schedule a tour or classroom observation.