Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world.

- Maria Montessori

The secret of all nature is to be found in the soul of a child.

- Maria Montessori

Through working by themselves, children acquire an active discipline, a practical independence, and a gradual increase in knowledge.

- Maria Montessori

Every child carries within him (unseen) the person he will become. In order to develop the physical, intellectual and spiritual powers to the fullest, he must have freedom, a freedom to be achieved through order and self-discipline.

- Maria Montessori

The world of the child is filled with sights and sounds, which at first appear chaotic. From this chaos, the child must gradually create order and learn to distinguish among impressions that assail her senses, slowly, but surely gaining mastery of herself and her environment.

- Maria Montessori


Child painting at easelEach classroom classrooms is carefully designed to meet the needs of the children they serve. Low tables, chairs and materials within easy reach offer your child every opportunity for independence.

Your child is invited to explore and discover within our carefully prepared learning environment. The classroom environment is rich in potential experience, interaction and exploration that will nurture your child's growth.

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All Day Montessori

Montessori Preschool

We are all Montessori: All day, everyday, every program. All of our programs offer each child access to all areas of the Montessori environment. The child pursues learning in a relaxed atmosphere. Every child is carefully guided and encouraged to participate in a wide range of experiences. Feeling secure with the consistency of our program, each child has a special role within our community of friends.