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  • Buffalo Grove Montessori School seeks to promote and encourage educational training and instruction of young children of any race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin. The school was founded by Deborah and Victor LaPorte. Buffalo Grove Montessori School Inc. began as the Arlington Heights Little People Montessori School in 1975.  In 1984 the school moved to Buffalo Grove. In 1988 we moved to our current and permanent location at 950 Ellen Drive in Buffalo Grove. We currently serve approximately 100 families. Children enrolled range from six weeks old through kindergarten.  Deborah and Victor opened a second school in 2008.  Greenbrook Montessori School is located at 1675 Greenbrook Boulevard in Hanover Park.  Greenbrook Montessori offers all day programs for children 15 months to 6 years.  They serve approximately 80 families.  Both schools are accredited by the American Montessori Society.

    about Buffalo Grove Montessori SchoolBuffalo Grove Montessori is a CHILD CENTERED COMMUNITY of families and educators. We adhere to Maria Montessori’s philosophy of education for life.  We believe the Montessori Method is essential.  We are educators and parents who share values, goals, methods and philosophies regarding child development and care.  It is necessary that the adults, parents and teachers, work in partnership to facilitate the optimal developmental practices to benefit the child.

    Each child’s cultural, ethnic and religious background shall be respected by the staff.  No child will be discriminated against because of race, color, national origin, sex, age or handicap.  BGMS does not use eligibility criteria, which screen out children with disabilities, and shall make reasonable modification in policies, practices and procedures to accommodate children.

    The child is on a journey from dependence to independence and then to interdependence.  The adult’s role is to model the desired behavior.  In addition to modeling behaviors, the adult gives meaning and clarity to the context of the moment and expected behaviors.  Over time, the child should require less guidance from the adults.  The maturing child will rely more and more upon himself as respectful and responsible behaviors are internalized.

    Because shared goals are critical to our partnership, PARENT PARTICIPATION in our programs and family activities is expected.  Upon enrollment, parents are required to participate in an Orientation Process to become acquainted with our program, policy and philosophy.  Montessori Seminars, Parent Discussion Groups, parties and events are ongoing and continued participation is necessary to further support your child. The supportive relationship of our Montessori Community throughout your child’s enrollment will enrich and elevate your child’s experience and success.

    OUR STAFF includes Montessori trained directors, teachers, childcare workers, and assistant teachers who love children.  Our staff is dedicated to providing maximum adult consistency for the children in our care. We participate in meetings and seminars in order to renew interests and develop new abilities.  Buffalo Grove Montessori supports every educator with the opportunity to further his or her education. We support each teacher’s individuality and appreciate the special contributions each offers. We value dedication, professionalism and a sincere love of children.

    Mission & Vision

    Our mission is to provide education and childcare following the Montessori philosophy. It is our goal to provide the children of our community the opportunity to grow and develop in an enriching Montessori environment.

    The environment is prepared to interest your child and meet ever changing developmental needs. Independence, concentration, and joyful learning are valued. We facilitate, encourage, and empower the children through experiences that will lead to positive fulfillment of personal potential.

    It is our vision that the “seeds” planted by our school will be evident throughout the lives of our students. We hope the moments of discovery will motivate life-long learners and inspire creativity. The community we create will be a Foundation for Life empowering the development of positive social interaction, self-confidence and independence.